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Please note that all free software contributed to and distributed by CDP
remains the responsibility of the respective authors.

Multi-Channel Toolkit

This represents Richard Dobson's important research into multi-channel facilities (greater than 2 channels) needed for various types of 'surround' sound. In Release 6 the Toolkit functions are built into the main CDP System, Sound Loom and Soundshaper, but can also be acquired separately as command line tools. The Toolkit is downloaded from Richard's website:


This prototype CDP plug-in is written by Richard Dobson, and the Direct-X version can be downloaded from his website: Reference is also made to Richard's work on an extended pvoc format: 'pvocex', which is part of the background work for these plugins. Richard's home page references several other projects and publications regarding his technical work.

Demonstration Spectral plugins (pvoc) for VST 2.3 (Win 32) and DirectX

Richard's ongoing work towards CDP plugins can be seen via this page: There is also a download available from this page.

Sound and Music Computing in Schools

Richard (and Archer) have been involved in the 'Computing in Schools' (CAS) programme. Their work seeks to help young people learn to code by creating scripts and materials that link programming and musical structures and have a sonic output. For a look at their ongoing work in this area, see: There is also a download available from this page.

AL-ERWIN Granulation & Algorithmic Package

Written by Rajmil Fischman with the assistance of an Arts and Humanities Research Board (AHRB) grant, this is a highly featured software combo with a sophisticated graphic user interface, including both granular synthesis and algorithmic mixing. A fully working version can be downloaded from Also see our information page about this software. Please note that this software is still supplied with CDP Systems, as well as via the above link to Rajmil's website page.

Clouds Granulation Software

This is another contribution written by Rajmil Fischman. Clouds implements a multi-platform real-time asynchronous granular synthesis created with MAX. It can record a variety of sources, including synthesised waveforms, microphone capture and /or audio files. Output formats include mono, stereo, 5.1 surround, octophonic and audio files in a variety of formats. Parameters can be handled graphically or via text files containing breakpoint values. Download from:

MAES (Manual Actions Expressive System)

Also by Rajmil Fischman, MAES aims to enable music creation and performance using natural hand actions (e.g. hitting virtual objects, shaking them, etc.). Gestures are fully programmable and result from tracking and analysing hand motion and finger bend, potentially allowing performers to concentrate on natural actions from our daily use of the hands. It is designed to work with the P5 Glove. This software can be downloaded from:

Compose with Sounds

CDP member Leigh Landy has been busy with his team of researchers at DeMontfort University creating software (free download) and tutorial materials for composing with sounds. This tremendous resource covers all major areas and are designed for those new to the field, whether young or old. Note the breadth of the following topics to which there are links on their Website:
  • CREATE: Compose with Sounds, Composer Case Studies, Composition Tutorials
  • LEARN: Discovering Music all around us, Properties of Sounds, Organising Sounds, The Science of Sounds
  • LISTENING: Listening Training, Listening Room
  • Encylopaedia


One of the world's leading software synthesis 'engines', Csound is coming of age with a rapid expansion of its internal facilities (some from CDP!) and the advent of new graphic environments. See Dennis Miller's comprehensive article on in Electronic Musician: Csound: It's Not Just for Techies Anymore (Vol 18, No. 8, July 2002).

Also see the tutorial texts edited by Richard Boulanger; these are listed on our Publications page.

Mention was made on our News Page of Steven Yi's Blue, a well-designed graphic front end for Csound, with graphic orchestra editor and time-line score assembler. See the Kunstmusik site for more information.

Csound can be downloaded from:


PD - Miller Puckette's public domain Open Source version of MAX. Its home page is PD-Home

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