Composers Desktop Project Ltd. – a Social Enterprise:

˜ Donations Needed ˜

The Free Download

Setting up a free download of the core CDP-Wishart programs for sound transformation has been a big step for us. It is made possible by the commitment and generosity of all involved with the evolution and running of CDP, particularly Trevor Wishart, the creative composer-programmer who has been at the heart of developments since the 1990's, and Richard Dobson, who has been the key figure in maintaining the software and compiling it for distribution.

Why Donations?

We remain a completely independent organisation, and while our income from sales of the CDP System Software in the past has not been very large, it did enable us to continue to cover our costs and remain independent. In the past 12 months I am pleased to say that there have been over 6000 free downloads, but we continue to need to pay for hosting the CDP website and other professional services connected with being a limited company. We now have no source of income other than from the few items which remain on sale.

Please Support CDP

We therefore need donations to support our ability to provide and maintain the huge CDP-Wishart software package that we are making available. Please support the new CDP public domain culture and our efforts to pursue new initiatives in education.

Thanks very much! – Archer

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Last updated: 04 April 2015