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˜ Donations Welcomed! ˜

The Free Download

A free download of the core CDP-Wishart programs for sound transformation has been a big step for us. There have been more than a terabyte of downloads since it began. This software has been evolving for over 30 years. The free download is made possible by the commitment and generosity of all involved with the evolution and running of CDP.

This is particularly true of Trevor Wishart, the creative composer-programmer whose ideas and programming have been at the heart of the expanding software facilities since the 1990's, of Richard Dobson, who has been the key figure in maintaining the software and compiling it for distribution, of Archer Endrich who has spent years working with the programmers to document the software, and of Robert Fraser, who has been developing the Soundshaper GUI for two decades and has recently revised the documentation for the HTML5 and PDF formats.

Why Donations?

  • To pay for basic fixed costs such as bank account and website services
  • To have a modest kitty which we can use to initiate new projects, whether software, tutorial or educational
  • To remain an independent organisation, guided by our singular vision of sound in music

Please Support CDP

Please make use of the PayPal.Me link to support the new CDP public domain culture and our efforts to pursue new initiatives in education. Small amounts from many sources will go a long way.

Sponsorship for a specific projects would be particularly welcome. Some projects on the go at the moment are:

  • continuing development of Soundshaper, such as by adding a looping wav player (with soundfile display)
  • porting Soundshaper to the Mac
  • developing of music scripts to help teach computing in schools (see:
  • putting together a book about composing with the CDP software, with 'how-to' articles by the composers of specific pieces
  • making tutorial videos for selected parts of the CDP system
  • creating a number of specific CDP code-libraries for use by 3rd party developers
  • revising Grainmill to accommodate multi-channel output
  • introducing phase-locking in the Spectral dimension to tighten frequency/pitch transformation
  • developing scripting applications for algorithmic music composition
  • writing a comprehensive 'History of CDP'

Please email if you would like to select a project to support.


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Last updated: 06 May 2022