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Release 7 Information
New Software in Release 7
Release 6 Information
New Software in Release 6
Sound Loom GUI
An Intelligent Composing Environment for CDP
Soundshaper GUI
A Practical Menu-driven GUI for CDP
Release 6 Information PC
CDP Release 6 for Windows
Release 6 Information Mac OS X
CDP Release 6 for MAC OS X
About GrainMill
Sound Granulation and Texturing
About Rajmil Fischman's AL-EWIN
Hybrid Graphic Mix Environment and Cloud Granular Synthesis
About Richard Orton's Tabula Vigilans
Algorithmic score generation and real-time MIDI instrument
About ProcessPack
New high level composition tools using CDP from Wellspring Music
About Tutorial Workshop 1
170 + worked sound examples in 9 categories
About Tutorial Workshop 2
The Texture Set + Transposition & Shifting