Soundshaper Pro – CDP GUI Compatible with PC ONLY

Soundshaper Pro is a 'front-end', meaning that it accesses and uses the underlying CDP sound transformation and editing programs. Therefore, please note that the CDP sound transformation and editing software must be installed as well as Soundshaper Pro.

Soundshaper Lite is now provided free of charge with CDP PC Systems (replacing Soundshaper Standard Edition). It is compatible with Release 5, but supports only a few Release 6-7 processes.

Soundshaper Pro (see below) is an option available for new or existing CDP PC Systems that do not yet have Soundshaper Pro and need full Release 7 compatibility, particularly for its new multi-channel functions. The current version of Soundshaper Pro is 4.3, supporting CDP Release 7.

If you already have Soundshaper Pro, you can check for updates at

Soundshaper Pro and Soundshaper Lite share several important features:

  • Create multi-process patches in a simple grid structure
  • Save and recall patches, or run with different source files
  • Re-edit patch cells or replace with alternative processes
  • Automatic conversion of file types

Soundshaper Lite is optimised for stereo, being limited to two patch rows. Soundshaper Pro is designed for multi-channel work, with 16 patch rows which can process up to 16 sounds independently. Additional information is given in the Soundshaper Pro PDF information page (see link below).

Soundshaper Pro can be purchased as a single licence (allowing 3 installs), or for different Site Licence configurations. For a Site Licence configuration not shown below, please contact CDP or Robert Fraser. The Student Licence is available only to students in full-time education.

Please note that Soundshaper Pro is downloaded from Robert Fraser's website and then registered according to the procedure found in !InstallPRO.txt in the 'docs' folder after you unzip it.

Soundshaper Pro Information PDF
(Requires Adobe Acrobat Reader)

STUDENT Soundshaper Pro Licence (2-site) (PC) 20.00
Single Soundshaper Pro Licence (3-site) (PC)25.00
4-Site Soundshaper Pro Licence (PC)30.00
5-Site Soundshaper Pro Licence (PC)35.00
6-Site Soundshaper Pro Licence (PC)42.00
7-Site Soundshaper Pro Licence (PC)49.00
8-Site Soundshaper Pro Licence (PC)56.00
9-Site Soundshaper Pro Licence (PC)63.00
10-Site Soundshaper Pro Licence (PC) 70.00
Compatible with PC ONLY

ProcessPack is a GUI-driven package of sound design modules that are complementary to the CDP system.

  • ProcessPack is now available for download after purchase. You will be sent a link automatically.
  • ProcessPack is an umbrella program for a number of (projected) high-level composition modules.
  • DISPERSAL combines a number of CDP's sound processing programs with algorithmic scripting to make it possible to compose by working directly with a musical design template, such as the dispersal or gathering together of sonic events.
  • Other modules are PlayMix a module that enables you to mix and audition soundfiles in real-time, and Pyramid, which layers sounds with shape presets, MidiFileReader which will load a standard MIDI file and realise it with a soundfile that you select, Sonify which will turn data into sound, and Shimmer, which is hard to describe.
  • Follow this link for more descriptions of ProcessPack modules.



The CDP Desk Reference PDFs are available in the download distribution. It lists all the functions available in CDP and their modes. You can also order a printed and spiral wire-bound copy (includes postage).
CDP Desk Reference for Release 7 – printed and wire-bound 12.00

Collector's Items!

CDP is distributing several CDs of music written by Richard Orton (d. 12 February 2013). A 'printing' of these CDs has only happened once, and there are a limited number left. If you would like one of these rare CDs, you can order below. The amount includes postage, and the proceeds will go to his estate.
CD IRUM 1003 – Electroacoustic & Computer Music 12.00
Timescape 12.00

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